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Sailing and ocean racing:  Dodge Morgan, the STAR (Singlehanded TransAtlantic Race), the Two-STAR (Doublehanded TransAtlantic Race), the BOC Challenge, the Around Alone Race. Boat
building:  the Friendship sloop.  Outward Bound.

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In the STAR (Singlehanded TransAtlantic Race

57-minutes, DVD

Personal home use:  DVD: $24.95
Classroom/group/organizational use:  $99.95



"Please...I don't want to be a heroine;
I just want to survive"
          Judy Lawson



The STAR, Singlehanded TransAtlantic Race, from Plymouth, England to Newport, Rhode Island attracts an international roster of sailors -- all with a passion for winning. No American had ever placed in this prestigious race. AMERICAN CHALLENGE is the intimate on-board story of seven American solo sailors who tried. Automatic cameras installed on their boats record a unique, close-up view of men and women facing constant danger. Three thousand miles of pounding to windward strips away the veneer to reveal the human spirit alone against the inexorable power of the sea.

Have you ever seen people give a film a standing ovation? AMERICAN CHALLENGE is that kind of emotion-rousing film that has brought audiences to their feet.

"The most exciting sea documentary I have ever seen...Unmistakably a classic." William F. Buckley, Jr., The New Yorker

"The best film about yacht racing ever made." Windward Mark

"Truly an extraordinary documentary. It is a film about us, about people, about the individual strengths that lie within us, about our will to survive, to overcome, but to know also fear." The Boston Globe

Awards and Exhibitions

Other featured sailors

Bill Homewood:
"Some kind of front is coming through here like crazy. I'm frightened the waves are going to kick me over. I'm sitting here thinking, 'What am I going to do..what am I going to do.'"


Jerry Cartwright:
"Most people in their lives have never
been alone for even a one day stretch,
completely alone."




Walter Greene:
"The easiest way to lose this race
is to just not get there."




Francis Stokes:
"The sea finds out everything
you haven't done right."



Warren Luhrs:
"I've never been so banged up, bashed up, angry, discouraged as I am right now.
Not only am I not doing well in the race,
I'm beating my brains out."




Phil Weld: (author of "Moxie")
"There's a flotilla coming up to greet us...
I don't know if they're going to tell me
I'm second, third or first."



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